Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cute Animal Themed Kid Birthday

When my kid handed me a piece of paper with her 'vision' for a cake that included Littlest Pet Shop (see below), she knew that her smiling blue eyes would make it impossible for me to refuse to make it.  

We baked 2 cake sheets, frosted one with green dyed frosting, and cut up the other one to create the house.  We had a fun time doing most of it.....had to get a bit creative with the house, placing equally square cake pieces on top of each other with frosting sandwiched between them; then inserting two straws through them to brace them in place.  

 We decorated the cake with candy and green sprinkles (eating all but one blueberry jelly bean along the way), then added all the toys.  


For decor we bought cute little buckets and star balloons from the Dollar Store, then using our construction paper, scissors and glue, we made a bunny, kitty cat, and bear faces, then simply taped the pieces to the balloons.  We filled each bucket with animal crackers.


We did not do a big bash to celebrate but still made it fun by creating a scavenger hunt for Littlest Pet Shop toy kangaroos.  After declaring that 'Our kangaroos are on the loose from our zoo and we need to find them!', I gave clues that led to other clues around the house.  One clue said 'your 'roo is eating leftover pasta', then after finding that next clue in the frig, it read 'What a naughty 'roo, she's drinking from the toilet!', and so on.

She laughed so much running around the house!


We also made gross but fun animal food!
Cat Litter - crushed graham crackers with oval chocolates.
Doggy Food - crushed mint chocolate cookies
Fishing Worms - gummy worms

And we ate from doggy dishes with our names on each bowl.  

It was a delicious and silly day!

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