Thursday, July 25, 2013

Recalling My Kids Farm Theme Nursery

I have been thinking a lot about how fast the years go by.  The little girl I once rocked to sleep in my arms in the chair you see above, is doing so much on her own these days. I came across a photo I took of her nursery and thought I would share it.  I wish I took better photos but this is all I have.  

A lot of thought went into this bedroom (focusing on the baby's room kept my mind off of how much I began to resemble a weeble wobble during pregnancy).  

I did not find out if I was having a boy or girl so the theme of the room was a take on 'Old McDonald's Farm'.  

Turning the walls into farmland: I started out by painting the upper walls a light blue color, then added the green paint by simply running my paint brush recklessly horizontally around the room -NOT IN A STRAIGHT LINE.  Very easy!  This created hills. 

I used stencils for the animals.  Holding each stencil up the wall, I penciled them on lightly and with a fine paint brush, filled them in with paint.  I made the stencils using clear acetate sheets I picked up at a craft store.  

You can't really see it, but above the closet doors I stenciled 
'On this farm there was a ......'

CLICK HERE for easy instructions on how to create your own stencils.  Its a very nice tutorial.  For the clouds I used the tip of finger.  I placed a little bit of white paint on my finger and dabbed it on the wall.  I kept doing it, until I had the shape I wanted.  Do not use too much paint or the cloud won't feel kind of translucent and 'fluffy'.  Take your time and have fun with it!  

A farm themed room is pretty easy to put together because you can find loads of accessories at flea markets, stores like Marshalls, and country craft strores.  You can use vintage looking shelves, animal sculptures, old signs; use anything red, plaid, gingham, tin.....I can go on and on.

For this room, I added a cute chandelier with roosters on it, and added plaid shades.  Also an antique wall sconce with a picture of a farm on it, red linen drapes, and of course, farm animal bedding (again, wish I had a picture of it but you can see the blanket from the cute bedding set draped over the chair).  I loved this room!  We have since moved but the baby's room will always be one of my favorite spaces.

P.S. Jeremy, if you see this blog post I hope you recall the wall letters you sent me.  I still have them hanging in my kids bedroom.  

This is a photo of me as a kid in my bedroom.  I have since shaved the mustache but the wallpaper lives on! :)

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