Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Quick Change Cork Board With Duct Tape

I purchased this cork board at Target today for $8.99

The Board Dudes Framed Cork Board 23"x35"

 It is the right size for my space but ULTRA BORING!  

Here is a super easy way to give your 'ho hum' cork board a make over in 5 minutes!
This works for blackboards also!!

All you need is duct tape.  Yes, I am on board with the super trendy fashion looks of good old fashioned duct tape!  This project, I am sure, has been done, by many college folk as well as grade schoolers!  This is just a quick reminder of how easy it is to update something you may have already at home!


1. Scissors
2. Duct tape (most craft stores, office supply store, and even home decor stores)


Simply tape it down one end, cut it with scissors, then another, and another, and another.


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