Friday, March 29, 2013

30 Minute Table Runner Makeover

Do you own a table runner that has been either sadly laying across your table going unnoticed, or folded up in a cabinet because you were tired of it when it was displayed?  Well, I have an inexpensive and easy way to change up that runner in less than thirty minutes!!!

The runner before.

Last night I did this quick little DIY project I just had to share because it was so easy!

I had picked up an inexpensive table runner for a dining room I am decorating for my client Keri.  I loved the modern pattern and the colors, but it looked a bit boring when I placed it on the table.  So I bought some flirty little looped fabric trim, and in thirty minutes I created a runner that was more dramatic!  I have yet to bring the finished runner to Keri's home, so I don't have the 'AFTER' photos of her dining room, but I will soon!!

-Hot glue
-Decorative trim 
(pick up from a fabric store)
*My runner required 6 yards of trim


Measure the length of your runner.  
The amount of trim you will need is double the length your runner. 

I suggest bringing the runner to the fabric store with you and trying out different decorative trim options that could work with the colors on the runner!

Takes 30 minutes or less! 
Spread the runner across a table.  Starting at one corner, begin hot gluing the trim to the runner.  I suggest running a 4 to 6" line of glue like photo above, then pressing the trim down and holding for 15 seconds with your fingers like photo below.

Keep doing this across the length of the runner until you get to the corner edge.

Cut the excess trim off carefully.

The edge you cut may fray like this.  

To stop the fraying, simple use the hot glue on the edges.

Edges should look like this!


Starting in the opposite corner, again, run the hot glue and trim all the way down the runner lengthwise, then cut the excess fabric, hot glue the frays down, and you are done!!!

Looks like this on the backside of the runner!  You get a very finished look!





This project had me thinking about what else you can add decorative trim to and turn it into a about buying a long piece of fabric and cutting it to create a runner, then adding the trim to hide the cut ends!  No sewing involved!  And you can get great deals on discontinued or large scraps/remnants of fabric at fabric and craft stores! 

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