Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Girls' Bedroom Gets A Makeover

I really enjoyed creating this pink-a-licous bedroom for my daughter when she was really little.   We would snuggle on the bed and read, and on Saturdays we could take a nap together (Mommies need to nap more!)

But six years later she is all pinked out and the room needs to function better for her age.   I have held off on re doing her room because I know it can be hard to compromise with a kid.  I was sure she would be my toughest client yet!  

In the end we actually had a lot of fun with the makeover, and I am sure she will write me a glowing letter of recommendation. 


So let me tell you about this space: My kid loves art; anything crafty that she can get her hands on like the sketch she did of the zebra you see on the wall with the purple gem eyes.  It was done on newspaper!  So of course, color was a major theme in this room makeover.  

Instead of repainting the bedroom, we added more thin stripes to the pink stripes already there.  I think we used seven new colors.  I am a decorator by trade so I had so many quarts to choose from.  It was fun.  We painted it together while singing along with our favorite bands on the ipod.  

The new day bed was my gift to the room.  I fell in love with it the moment I saw it in a furniture catalog.  I have never seen anything like it.  I do love white leather!!  Also day beds with trundles allow a guest to sleep over so they are handy! 

I can't believe how much stuff my little one has collected, and of course, nothing can be thrown away, so we went to the ever popular IKEA Expedit bookcases for storage.  One doubles as a window bench for more toys (ahhhh!)
Although I have a really cute owl lamp in the room, we realized we needed better reading light so we added a wall light with a movable neck.  It is really great.  I thought choosing the bedding was going to be almost impossible but we did not even need to compromise.  She loved this purple velvet cheetah patterned comforter, and I had to agree that is was funky and soft.

tip: if you have a piece of homemade artwork you want to hang but it is rather small, go get an extra large mat and frame for it (we had to get this one custom made but it was not expensive). 

We kept the dresser (CLICK HERE to see how this dresser was refinished) and added a little desk.  The wall flowers were a fun gift from a friend.  We placed them all over the wall and at night they glow like stars! If you noticed I did not add more colorful stripes to a good chunk of this wall, the reason is that we grew tired-plain and simple!  And when I went back the next day to paint more on, I liked it the way it was.

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