Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Finished Staging Zionsville Mall Space!

Just put the finishing touches on the Zionsville Antique Mall staged space!  I had too much fun these last few days, and actually looked forward to the little time I spent there each day.  It is truly a wonderous place chock full of vintage decor, artwork, and furniture.  Here is what visitors will see when B104 broadcasts there live on Black Friday (if you want to stop by over the weekend, the staged space will still be there until Monday morning).

The left side of the space is our living room:

The wall was inspired by the large artwork in the center.  I fell in love with it right away!

This coffee table is way cool-marble top and looks like the base is from an old iron sewing machine.

Our giant bookcase!

 Staging a bookcase is so personal and there are many possibilities.  How would you stage yours?

The right side of the staged area is a desk/vanity area and foyer area:

Mixing furniture pieces, and decor too! creates a unique welcoming vibe in any home.

If you end up heading to the Zionsville Antique Mall take advantage of their sale, free treats, and have as much fun as I had!

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