Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Make A Sweater Vase In 5 Minutes

It is getting cold out here in Pennsylvania so I bought some yarn and made a sweater for my vase! 

If you know me at all, it would be funny to picture me knitting or crocheting, so this yarn project has to be so simple an eight year old could do it (yes, my eight year old helped me).

There is no glue, no tricky steps, and can be completed in one evening while watching television!

This project is great for adding texture, color and 'cozyness' to old vases you have but do not use because they do not offer the right look in color.

Ingredients you need:
1-Yarn (buy at a craft store)
2 - A vase (any size, any shape works-buy at a craft stores and the Dollar Store)
3 -Scissors


For this vase, I used Lion Brand yarn in '408 Wild Fire'.  I picked it up at Wal-mart.  It is super soft!

This is the yarn I used.

1. Loop your yarn around the vase once knot it.

2. Then wrap it around and around as much as you like.  

3.  When you are finished looping it around and around, cut your yarn, leaving two inches.

4. Make a knot with the last loop you did and pull.

5. Lastly, tuck it in! 



Warm up a tabletop in your dining room, or get your foyer festive with a sweater vase.

For the vase filling above, I simply added moss on the bottom of the vase because it is see through, then placed in twigs I found outside.

Watch this video

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