Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Easy Pine Cone Garland Craft

This project is perfect for the fall season!  It will dress up your home for Halloween and Thanksgiving.  With just some pine cones and yarn you can swag this pine cone garland from a fireplace mantel, mirror, wall shelf, or any where else you can think of! 

What You Need:
1. Yarn (buy from a craft store)
2. Pine Cones (pick up fallen cones at a park, your back yard, or craft store)
3. Scissors 

1. Cut three pieces of yarn as long as you want.

2. Every six inches wrap all three yarn pieces half way around the bottom of the pine cone (the yarn works well for this project because it can get into the grooves of the cone and stay) and make a knot.

3. Make another knot one inch above that knot (so it hangs like a tassel).

4. Keep doing this until you get it the length you want it to go

You can add glitter to your pine cones, or change it up any way you want.  It will cheer to any room!

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