Tuesday, October 16, 2012

DIY Pine Cone Tassels

Add natural warmth to your home this fall season by making some Pine Cone Tassels.  Use them to tie back your drapes, and hang them from door knobs or cabinet pulls.  They are fun, and inexpensive to make!

All you need for this project is yarn and pine cones!  

I used Lion Band Yarn in 216 Ozarka Forest color for this tassel

1. Cut 3 pieces of yarn two feet long to use as a door or cabinet pull tassel, or cut three feet long to use as a drapery tie back.  Lay them down side by side flat on a table. 

2. Find the center of the yarns with your finger.  At the center, wrap all the yarn pieces together around the tip of the pine cone.  The natural grooves in the pine cone will hold the yarn in place.

Then wrap the yarn around again half way and tie a knot at the top of the pine cone like this.  The reason you wrap it around again half way is to keep the pine cone balanced.   

3. Make another knot one inch above the knot you just did.  

You are done!  

Now you can use it as a drapery hold back or hang it from a door knob or cabinet door pull.

Extra Credit-Add Beads

You can add beads for a glitzier look!  You want to use large beads.  I bought a pack of table scatter beads at the Dollar Store.  You can find these beads at craft stores also.

You will need the following:

-Large beads

-Green wire used for crafts

1. Cut a piece of wire four inches long and bend in half.

2. Take each side of the tassel (all three yarn pieces) and bend the wire around all of them.  

3.  Twist the wire like below (so it will fit in the hole of the bead).

4. Push the threaded wire through the bead like below.  Then follow the same steps on the other side.

Add one or more beads!  Then hang!

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