Tuesday, October 16, 2012

DIY Branch Sculpture For Your Table Top

An easy, cost free centerpiece you can add to any table top is by working with branches!

Decorate a buffet or bar top with this naturally sculptural craft!

For this project you need: 

-gather a few medium branches to work with (from your backyard or local park-look for branches laying on the ground)
-yarn (buy from craft store, Wal-mart)
-a bunch or two of fake leaves, feathers, tall grass  (buy from craft store, the Dollar Store, Wal-mart)

I walked through my local park and collected fallen branches in a garbage bag.

On a clean flat surface, sculpt your branches in various arrangements until you like the look of it.  

To keep your branch sculpture in place, use the yarn to wrap around places where your branches meet. 

Start by cutting a piece of yarn a foot long, tie one end of it around a few branches and make a knot.
Then wrap the rest around and around, and knot the end.

Add a few real or faux leaves, feathers, grasses....whatever you like!  Simply push the ends of each into the wrapped yarn areas.

Dress up your Thanksgiving Day buffet or dining table with a long  Branch Sculpture!  It will add an authentic natural touch to your celebration!

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