Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Seven Tips For A Great Guest Bedroom

This topic is so timely because the holidays are just around the corner.  If you will have out of town guests traveling to your place to stay over, then this is the perfect short list of hot tips to make their stay fabulous! 

First, before we go any further, close your eyes and envision walking into your favorite hotel room.  This will be your inspiration for your guest room.

REMEMBER-These tips work whether you have a designated room for out of town guests, or a space that doubles as a spare bedroom.

Seven Top Tips: 

1.Paint Palette - Stick to soft creams, grays, or soothing shades of gray blues and greens to keep the room light and airy.  I love Benjamin Moore's Harbor Gray (AC 25) and Sherwin William's Comfort Gray (SW 6205)

2.Lighting - Take your lighting seriously.  Lack of it leads to a lot of stumbling around in the dark, and poor lighting can make a room look unwelcoming.  Be a good host by placing a lamp near the bedroom door if you do not have overhead lighting, AND set a lamp next to the bed that is easy to reach, and easy to use. 

3.Bedding - An easy way to create a luxurious looking bed is to think white! White is crisp, bright, and easy color to replace! Start with a cotton 250+ thread count matching sheet set.  Next, lay a coverlet or quilt down.  Finally add color through a duvet or comforter.  This last layer should be laid out from the foot of the bed to about mid way then folded over, like this:
Designed by Cardea Building Co

4.Essential furniture Pieces -  A bedside table and chair are essential pieces.  The chair need not be large with arms.  Try an upholstered parsons chair, or an ottoman!  Another great piece of furniture is a desk.

TIP for small spaces-use a desk as the night stand.  This gives your guests more table top space and allows you to do work on it when no guest stays over.

5.Space For Hanging Clothes - If there is a closet in the room, leave hanging space for guest clothing.  If no closet, no problem! Use a large double hook on the back of the room's door, or place a hook on the closet door.

6.'Mirror Mirror On The Wall' - ALWAYS have a mirror in the room to allow guests to check their appearance.

7.Pamper Guests With 'Must Haves' -

-place extra pillow and blanket close by bed in a closet, or in plain site in a basket.  I have been doing this ever since friends who stayed over told me the room gets cold at night.

-On your bedside table place a book and magazines to read.  This will bring so much pleasure to your guests if there is no television in the room.

-Place a bottle of water, fruit, and snack in the room.  So they won't go roaming around your kitchen at midnight in their skimpy PJs.  Also important for any one who needs to take a pill.

-Place a few essential toiletries in a small tray, bowl, or cute box.  I collect the free mini bottles of hair and body soaps, lotions and even shower caps from each of my hotel stays.  I recycle them by giving them to my overnight guests.  I always get compliments about this!

Just stick to this list and your out of town guests will have a memorable stay at your home!

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