Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Wall Of All That Makes You Happy

My adorable smilin', chicken raising, open minded client, allowed me put holes in her walls!  We recently worked on her family room, addressing the furniture, the window treatments, and now it was time to think about the finer details-creating interest on the walls.  To keep the warm cozy feel we envisioned, we raided her basement and found sentimental artwork.  Why buy art when you have a variety right in your own place!!

I love the eclectic feel of bunching together art pieces that wouldn't necessarily 'strike up a conversation at a dinner party'.   Works that don't just look pretty, but have meaningful history behind them.  You may have some pieces in your own home you can use.  Maybe you just have to look past the current frame and/or matting.  We reframed a few prints, and it made a huge difference!!  It's as easy as 1,2,3,4!!!

This is how we did our wall gallery.........

First we played around with the pieces on the floor until we found a combination that made us smile.  

We began by finding the center of the wall and sticking a piece of painters tape there.  

We hung the largest piece of artwork first, right where the center mark was.

After that, balanced the smaller pieces on either side.  Add drama and color by adding plates, plaques-any fun 'out of box thinking' decor to spice up your wall gallery!  We used paper mache animal heads from West Elm.

I celebrated the new look and our hard work with iced coffee from Wawa.  

This room will be done soon (still waiting for our end tables and one more picture that is at the framers').

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