Monday, June 4, 2012

QUICKLY Change That Rush Bench Seat! DIY Idea

This is a very easy 'cheaters' version of upholstering a rush seat bench quickly using ready-made materials.  It can actually be used for any rush seat chair or stool that has a removable seat.  This project has only SIX steps!


Inspiration for this project: This past weekend I was crushing on this adorable walnut finished bench at TJ Maxx but wasn't feeling the rush seat it had.  So I flipped it over and noticed the seat can be removed.  I  did not have much time for this project so I walked to the bedding area to look for fabric to cover the seat.  I found a pair of quilted shams and thought using the quilted fabric would add softness to the hard feel of the rush.   I took my materials home and completed this project in an hour.

Here is what you need:
-bench or chair with rush seat that can be removed
-1 quilted sham per seat (I used 2 quilted shams but you can head to your local fabric store also and buy enough fabric to cover the seat plus another four inches all around)
-Needle and thread (I used white thread to blend with the fabric)

The  shams AND bench both came from TJ Maxx.

Why use quilted fabric?  It is thicker than cotton and because this is a 'quick change' project, I am not using any further padding between the rush seat and the fabric.  The quilting makes it a bit cushier.  


1. Turn the bench over and unscrew the seat.  

2. Get your sham out.  It should look this size. 

*Instead of using a sham, you can go to fabric store for your quilted fabric. If you do this, you will need enough fabric to cover the size of your seat plus four extra inches all around.  Follow the same steps below.

3. Lay your sham upside down on a flat surface and tuck your seat inside it.

4. Trim the open side of the pillowcase fabric using your scissors so that there is four inches to fold over the edge (you can throw the excess away).

 5. Fold each side of the fabric toward the center tightly (like wrapping a present) and hand thread each corner in place. 

It will look like this.  Don't worry if it looks messy because it will be hidden underneath the bench.

6. When finished screw the seat back in.

This is how it looks underneath the bench.

This is how it looks flipped right side up!

 Add a cute pillow and you get a simple comfortable welcoming new bench!

So easy!!

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