Monday, June 11, 2012

Animal Heads & A Residential Project

Hello home decor lovers!!  

I am rhino'd out today.  Why?? Well a new intern started this morning and she is fab!  Then my twitter account was hacked and that was not fab!  I am now updating all of my accounts online.  So if you received a tweet about how to lose weight fast or regarding someone spreading rumors about you, it is bogus!  

Things are getting hot and heavy in the office.  We have serious projects happening and I am trying, but haven't been able yet, to update my portfolio and blog about projects I have recently completed.  I have some great photos of before and afters, and fun ideas, but I am having a hard time keeping up with it all right now.  I have even taken a vacation from writing for Houzz for a bit until I get back to my normal schedule.  

Here is one project I am finally blogging about.  To see the 'before and afters' just click on the link below.   

See our recent BEFORE AND AFTER photos of a residential project we completed in PA. CLICK HERE.

Also, if your are looking for some cute wall decor, these animal heads might be just the thing to add that funky fun factor.  They have been out there for a while but maybe you have been on the fence about what they really look like.  Well I just received some I am using at a clients' home, and they are so cute!  These are the small versions from West Elm Paper Mache Animal Sculptures.

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