Tuesday, May 15, 2012

DIY: Stencil An Outdoor Planter

Design a unique welcoming planter for your front porch, backyard, or apartment doorway (yes, even if your front door is inside a building you can still make your own statement).  This project is fun, inexpensive, and can make a major impact to your home.

Supplies you will need:

1. Planter
I purchased this 15" high planter from Target.  Home Decorator also carries a nice one in two large sizes and two different finishes.  You can find a wide assortment at your local home improvement store and craft store.
2. painters tape

3. fine tip paint brush

4. wide tip paint brush

5. outdoor acrylic paint (see tips below)

6. paper plate

7. stencil (see tips below)

8. optional accent acrylic paint color

Paint Tips

 You want to use outdoor acrylic paint that is meant for metal, wood, terracotta, concrete and stone.  You can find these paints in your local craft store.  For this project I picked up a Plaid Folk Art Dimensional starter kit that contained six small bottles.  The yellow I used is called 358 Lemon Custard.  For my accent color I used 356 Licorice.  

Stencil Tips

I purchased my Plaid FolkArt bird stencil from AC Moore.  I adore so many of their stencils.  
CLICK HERE to see them all!
Use a stencil that is flexible like this one so you can easily configure it to the object you want to stencil.

Step 1

Find a nice sturdy bright space to do this project.
Using your painters tape, adhere your stencil where you want it on the planter.

Step 2

Squirt some paint onto your paper plate 
(for this project I squirted out a quarter size at a time)

Step 3

Using your fine tip brush, paint around the outer part of the stencil as shown.

Step 4

When paint is dry, peel stencil off.
This is what it will look like.

Step 5

Fill in the outer part you painted using the wider brush.
Let it dry and do another coat.

Stencil is now fully painted!

Embellish It

Add an accent color to bring it to life. 
Using a fine brush and black outdoor paint, I free handed the veins on the leaves.  For the birds eye, I dipped the back of my paint brush in the black paint and softly pressed it onto the painted stencil. 
I love how this came out!  I am going to try it again on a pair of smaller planters for the backyard.  

This is a fun way to give a front or back yard a mini face lift to get it brighter and more welcoming.  Birds are a great theme to use.  
There is something so peaceful about the shape of the bird.  The mat is from Target (I couldn't find it on line but it is in the store).

Tip: Red and yellow accents, are two great colors that pair well with all of natures greenery outside.

Adding a graphic to your planters will allow them to stand out more.  You can also stencil on your house number, initials, or a special message if you are really creative!                                                                                      

Optional application: There are many ways you can apply the stencil for this project including using a foam applicator or stencil brush instead of a paint brush (I love using paint brushes best because you have more control around the edges).

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