Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Watch Us Talk Foyer & Dining Room Rugs

Did you get to see the cute rugs from today's 69 News at Sunrise Segment?  If not, CLICK HERE to see it.  Eve and I had SO much fun, on and off the air.  One hiccup though-Just minutes before the live show began I was running into the studio with a soaking wet iphone.  Can you believe I dropped it in the toilet!  I am now officially the punch line of my own joke!  

Thank goodness for the AppleCare Protection Plan.  My big tip for the day is to 'Get the plan man!'

Related Post- See where you can get the rugs from the show, and a rundown of the tips I spoke about.  The RIGHT Rug For Foyers & Dining Rms.
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