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The RIGHT Rug For Foyers & Dining Rms

Hello rug lovers!  

Need a foyer or dining room rug?  Tomorrow at 8:40 am I will show viewers of 69 News At Sunrise how to find the right rug for foyers and dining rooms.  I will include the hot trends too!  If you miss the show, here is my 'Yes' list of what to look for.

I fought for this pink, orange and chocolate rug at Marshalls for $49.99!  It is a Darjeeling Express by String Theory (I could not find any info on it online).


Big bold graphics  *  Bold colors  *  Borderless rugs  *  Natural ingredients

These rugs below are 'fabby' finds-affordable, AND EVEN BETTER, they come in many sizes!

A recycled rug made from recycled soda bottles.  I have three of these in my own home.  They look great; it is NOT plush- feels like plastic when you touch it, but it is GREAT for heavy traffic areas, and resistant to sun and water.  It is more brown than gray in person (you can see it during my 69 News rug segment).  

The natural feel and toughness of this Color Bound Flat Braided Jute rug has a number of cotton borders to choose from.  *TIP-clip loose fibers with a scissor. 

This Taza Area Rug in bold Avocado green has a cool graphic design.

This Lourdes Sanchez Bull's Eye rug could be a rooms focal point, bringing in bold lines and color.

This large scale pattern gray Scroll Tile rug was inspired by Moroccan tiles.

 Thinner rugs are best for entryways 
and under dining room tables 

In foyers, your rug needs to allow room for your front door to open and close above it so it cannot be thick and in a heavy traffic area you do not want to use a high pile or plush rug that would hard to clean.  In dining rooms, a thinner rug allows your chairs to pull in and out easily.

How To Choose The Right FOYER Rug

MEASURING TIPS. Measure the foyer area.  Know the door size so you know what rug width you need and how much depth you have in the room.  

Measure up to furniture and other rugs you have in the room, not wall to wall, because you do not want the rug bumping up against furniture or touching another rug in the same area.

SIZE. The rug you choose should be as large as your doorway, or larger if you have the room.  You want to create a clear entryway for the traffic in and out of your home.  You do not want anyone tripping over the sides of a small rug.  I use 4x6 size a lot.

TIP-You will find you have more color and pattern choices with larger rugs.

CLEANABLE.  Make sure cleaning mud and water is not a drag. not only fit the space well (the larger it is the warmer the space becomes); it should clean easily because an entry way is a high traffic area. You do not want a high-pile rug. And the rug should carry your style, giving visitors a clue to your home's personality as soon as they walk in the door.

FOR LONG NARROW ENTRYWAY. Use a WIDE runner. It feels warmer and more welcoming with a wider rug. If you are having trouble finding one, look for a remnant that can be cut and bound to the size you need.

TIP: Make sure you use a rubber pad underneath to prevent it from slipping.


How To Choose The Right DINING ROOM Rug

TIP: Synthetic, machine-made rugs might be a better choice for your dining room because they allow chairs to slide easier than hand-knotted or hand-tufted rugs.

TIP: to visualize the rug dimensions, use painter’s tape to map out the size on the floor, then shop for a similar sized rug. 
MEASURING TIPS. Measure your table.  ADD 24 inches all around to your table's diameter so the chairs have room to slide in and out without falling off the edge of the rug.  This is the perfect size you need.  

For a standard dining table (42" x 64") that seats 4-6, a rug that measures 8' x 10' is usually a good place to begin. But there other considerations that affect the size and style rug that you decide to use. 

KEEP ALL FURNITURE IN MIND. Arrange your furniture BEFORE determining your rug size. You should measure where your area rug will end so the rug does not get caught under the front of your server, sideboard, corner cupboard, or other piece of furniture. 

MEASURE ROOM. Leave breathing room between rug and wall.  Keep 18 inches of flooring uncovered around the perimeter of the room to showcase your rug and make your room feel larger. This will also assure that any floor registers and radiators will not be covered by rug.

WHAT SHAPE TO USE. Choose a rug shape that accentuates the shape of the table. If you have a round table, a round rug will look great.   If you have a square table, opt for a square rug shape to complement the table.

CAN'T FIND THE RIGHT SIZE? For a long table in a narrower room, you can place two solid rugs side-by-side to cover the length without increasing width.


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