Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Just Funny Talk

I am at Panera right now chowing down on a bagel between client meetings and am chuckling as I overhear a common conversation:

Girl A - "Hi!  You look so skinny!'
Girl B - "OMG.  I feel so fat."

How many times have you heard that, or have been on either end of that conversation.  I am raising both my hands because I have.  Can you imagine two men having that conversation - 

Mike - 'Jim, you look so muscular today.'
Jim - 'OMG, I feel so flabby.'

now start chuckling!!!

Speaking of conversation starters, I know I am going to have a lot of conversation about this new little orange world I am creating in my basement.  I am giving a dozen wood figurines a bright orange spray tan to add to a bookcase to change up the look.  I am working on it now but have only done one side due to this wind we have had.  

TIP-don't try spray painting outdoors when it is windy out.  The can will spray in the direction of the wind, and could miss the object you are trying to aim at.

Also, have you DIYers been to Life As A Thrifter?   This very creative young lady Holly has some fun inexpensive ideas that you should check out.  I want to thank Holly for including my No Sew Slipcover project in her post today.  There are a few other creative ones there that look easy to do.

Have a good day and 'Wow you look great today!'
Your reply is 'OMG, I ......'

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