Monday, March 12, 2012

It is officially Monday (bah hum bug).  Sunday went by way too fast.  It was like time jumped an hour-oh wait it did!!  Daylight savings is the cause of my sleeplessness at midnight.  Before I head off to bed I wanted to share a few things from this last week:

1.  New food for thought -'It is OK to feel scared but DON'T let it change who you are.'  I am feeding myself this line for breakfast every day, digesting each word (chomp chomp).

2.  Give me more celadon green!  This color must be one of my top fave for 2012.  It is so relaxing and I keep turning my head to it everywhere I go.  I recently helped a fun client with her master sitting room.  We upholstered two chairs in this fabric below, then flipped the fabric over and used the opposite side on two ottomans.  Too much of a good thing?  No way!!!!!!  

Then there was the recent family room I helped another couple with this last week.  We created a palette of celadon green, smokey gray and navy blue.  I just realized I used the same pattern in one of my fabrics as above.  Do you see it???  

3.  Am putting my Top Six tips together for Home Staging, and will review them on air Wednesday on WFMZ 69 News At Sunrise at 8:40 am.  I took off last month from the show and can't wait to see the news gang again (and do my monthly NR dance with the clip-on microphone.  There is usually anti bacterial soap involved (hah).

4.  I recently wrote an article for the Lehigh Valley Hakol full of ideas on how to change the purpose of a living room.  Check it out here!  The Living Room: A Dinosaur In Our Home. Turn to page 5. 

5.  P flies home tomorrow.  He's been away two weeks and owes me a great pair of shoes.  Here are the ones I want (hint hint P) Letitgo from Nine West.

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