Sunday, March 4, 2012

DIY Framed Fabric As Art

Frustrated from not finding artwork that works for my client's newly renovated family room, I turned to a great DIY stand by - Framing Fabric!  If you have a fabric store nearby, check out their selection.  You will get a one of a kind art that has texture!

Such an easy project (I mean it!).  I bought two frames that hold an 11" x 14" photo.  Then I picked up a yard of two fabrics I liked.  

*tip - before getting your fabric cut make sure the pattern you want to display is part of that cut.  This is especially important if your pattern is large.  As you can see from the photo above my pattern repeat was large so I bought the whole yard, but your project may not require an entire yard!

Iron your fabric to get all the creases out and run a lint brush across it.  Then, knowing what part of the fabric you want to display, cut the fabric to fit into the photo opening plus an inch at least on all sides.  

Place the frame on the floor, glass side down, and place the fabric piece on top of the glass.  I used packaging tape, pulling it taught all around, then put the frame back together.  

See how beautiful they look in my clients newly renovated family room CLICK HERE!

I did this same DIY project two years ago for another client project using Thomas Paul fabric (if you want whimsy, try his patterns).   

Tomorrow night I am going to present my two art pieces to my clients, as well as a whole mess of beautiful decor, to complete our renovation.  I will keep you up to date on how it went!!!!

P.S. strange happening today: I was asked if I am Chelsea Handler's sister at a rug store.  Yes I am known to be a bit witty, but clearly I look nothing like her, and have nothing in common at all with her.  Things that make you say 'hmmmm....' is all I can say!

p.p.s. - Chelsea, if you read this, do you need an interior decorator who likes to cook burnt pancakes?

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