Thursday, January 12, 2012

Create A Clover Stencil Wall Treatment

First DIY project of 2012!  The Clover Stenciled Wall!

Recently I spent a few days up on a ladder with a quart of paint..... and you know I loved it!  I have done wall treatments before, but this was the most tedious-NOT hard, just tedious-but SO worth it!!  Using a clover shaped stencil made from poster paper, I traced the cut out across my entire wall, creating a pattern, then colored in the pattern using a beautiful shade of orange paint.

This print was my inspiration for the space.  It is a John French photo, who took killer shots of fashion models in black and white between 1950-60's.  I lucked out finding this one at a craft store that sold prints. I had it mounted to foam board and framed (no glass means no glare).  I love the way the model is standing, showing off the adorable little dress that steals the show. And the bundle of pearls along the big floppy hat are perfect pairings for it.  Where can I get that boldly patterned dress??!! After looking at this print I knew I wanted to display it on an equally bold patterned wall set against a crisp white back drop, to bring life into the grey scaled photo.

This is the wall BEFORE.  It is getting prepped for the new wall treatment. I began by taping off all moldings and trim, then painted the walls a crisp white (don't worry, a big sheet covered the entire sofa before painting :) ).

To create this wall you will need:

-poster board
-painters tape
-paint (I used a quart size of Sherwin William 2854 'Caribbean Coral ')
-one fine tip paint brush
-one wider tipped paint brush
The Steps:

Creating the Stencil.  Using your pencil, practice drawing your stencil on paper.  Try different designs.  To visualize how it will look across an entire wall, recreate the pattern over and over on a piece of paper (like above).  When you are ready to create your stencil, grab your poster paper and pencil.  Lightly draw your stencil. Make any changes to it, and then cut it out.  To get this clover look I traced a cereal bowl to ensure that each rounded side was equal.  This clover stencil is 14" around.  

Tip-stick with a stencil that is at least 14" or you will have a lot more tracing to do, and painting.

 Where to Start On The Wall.  Begin in the center.  You want to give the illusion that the design keeps going,  so where the wall hits the ceiling, the floor, and the two side walls, you will only have room to trace part of the design. 

Begin Tracing.  Once you have found the center of the wall, place your stencil there.  I stuck painters tape on the back of my stencil to hold it in place.  Trace it.  Then, using your level, make a tiny pencil mark every 7"s across the wall at the same level as the top and bottom of the tracing.  This will ensure that your lines of pattern are straight across the wall. 

You can place painters tape where your marks are, as a guide as well (see above).  Once you have marked out an entire row and traced on your stencil repeatedly until you completed that row, do the same technique for the rows above and below.  

Begin Painting.  Once the entire wall is traced out in pencil, grab your paint and a fine tip paint brush.  Slowly paint the edges. This will take a bit of time but it is important to stay within the lines so it does not look messy.
Two Coats of Paint.  You will go over the edges 2xs to get nice thick look.
Once you have outlined all the tracings in paint, you will fill them in with your paint.  Using your wide tipped brush, give it 2 coats.
Tip -Keep a paper towel handy.  If you drip on your wall quickly clean it up.
Take extra care at the walls edges.  
It took me a weekend to complete this wall. I worked during the daylight hours only.
Ta da!!


OK, if you like the look of the stenciled wall above but looking for an easier way to get the look, try one of these joyful wallpapers by Antonina Vella.  This line of wallpaper is not very expensive and full of inspiration.  Here are my faves:

Nicoletta GM1248

Angelina GM1209

You can find more info on these wallpapers at York Wallcoverings, or head to your local Sherwin Williams store to see the books in person!!  TIP-Bring tissues for all the drooling!!


Sonya said...

Oh my Lord! You've left me speechless with my mouth wide open. I love!!! seriously. I'm about to start my own stenciled wall and sat down to look for other stenciled walls to get me pumped and ready for my make over! This is all I need for the day!

Shoshana Gosselin said...

Thanks! I wish you luck with your wall treatment. A girl after my own heart :)

Raquel English said...

Oh my Lord! The patience of Job. I don't see how you kept up the stamina, but well done girlie. It certainly payed off. It's GORGEOUS!!!

Adrienne said...

Shoshana, That is stunning. I am staring at the computer with my mouth hanging open.

MyChampagneTaste said...

OMG your are one patient woman....this is stunning...I still cant beleive you painted all of it by hand and twice ...gorgeous and the decor is sooooooooo pretty ( I would never thought of this combination together)
visiting for DIY show off

Shoshana Gosselin said...

Thank you so much for the kind words, and for visiting my lil' blog!! Have a wonderful day!

Andrea @ Decorating Cents said...

This looks really good. I know it took some patience to hand paint.

Tanya from Dans le Townhouse said...

This is gorgeous! I love how fun and unusual the stencil shape is - so different than other stenciled walls I've seen. Brilliant!

Amanda said...

Good job, it looks adorable! I was searching for inspiration and this definetely helped me come up with some ideas for my own wall. My room could use some life in it. Thaks a lot, from Brazil! :)

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I just LOVE this. I'm featuring it on my blog today and sending my readers over to see how you did it. You've inspired me--thanks, Shoshana! :)

molly @thewaffler said...

Just popped over from Hooked on Houses. Love the wall -- and your site!

Shauna@Satori Design for Living said...

Love, love, love! The room looks so fantastic now! Love your site too :)

Shoshana Gosselin said...

Wow! Thanks for all these wonderful comments. My little blog is not used to this, but loves it!!!! Happy decorating.......

Marcia V. said...

So lovely!

Kalyn Brooke | Creative Savings said...

This is crazy! But looks soooo good. Glad it's just one wall! :)