Sunday, January 15, 2012

Attached To Our Furniture

Are you holding on to furniture that no longer works with the way you live, but unable to part with it because it has sentimental value?  Me too!  

Today was my first step, and it was hard (had to take a big gulp), to get past my feelings in order to live better in my own home.  Yes, today I sold my dining room set.  I know the couple that bought it will take care of it and really enjoy it, but it was a bit sad for me to say good bye.  I remember purchasing it with P eleven years ago in Vermont.  It was our first major piece of furniture together; the look was perfect for us at the time -so simple with a deep rich maple finish.  It included a table with two leaves, 4 chairs, a large buffet with a glass door hutch.  Over the years, we lugged that set from New Jersey, Long Island, and to Pennsylvania.  And through all those moves, it was rarely used.  I even used the dining table as a desk, the buffet as a credenza and stored the hutch and chairs.  It was a creative idea but it was time to admit that storing the unused part of the set was cluttering my life.  Now, after saying good bye to it, I not only have some money in my pocket to get pieces that work for me, but I did my part to stay 'green' by recycling my furniture to someone who might who will enjoy it for years to come.  If you are in a similar situation, I can tell you, from my experience, that it is a bit of a relief now that the pieces are gone, and I have so many grand plans for the space they were in!
The set I sold
p.s. you can always interview the interested buyer to make sure your sentimental furniture will be going into the right home.  The interested party will probably feel even better about purchasing your furniture knowing that it was so well loved.  I am so pleased with the buyers of my set (good luck Bob and Cindy!).

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