Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The NEW LYR Studio is shaping up nicely!  This is a peek at our progress (the chandelier above the table is causing some shadows to appear on the stripe treatment).  The rest of the space is currently filled with boxes, catalogs, samples, and tons of this and that EVERYWHERE.  Want to see a little more?  CLICK HERE.

It has been a slow renovation because of the traveling our team has been doing.  I should have a t-shirt made up that reads "Please bear with us as we renovate."  In the meantime, if you are looking for some brilliantly bold decor ideas and advice, I highly recommend this little cute book Jonathan Adler wrote:

It is not expensive either.  I am a huge fan of Jonathan's because he infuses fun with chicness into every space he designs.  I hope Jonathan would agree with the series of idea books I just completed for Houzz that centers around the belief that homes should be decorated with looks that applaud not our good taste, but our personal, creative take on design.  You can view the features here- BEDROOMS and LIVING ROOMS (DINING ROOMS will be published soon).

There has been a great deal of positive comments from Houzz readers agreeing with this approach to design.  Of course, as I just found out today, along with a positive force of creativity, comes negative spirits.

I just received a 'not so nice' comment to a post idea I had on my LYR blog.  At first I was as sad as the cats whiskers as David Bowie says (who wouldn't be).  Whenever you have the guts to put yourself out there, there is the chance some one will voice a negative opinion.  BUT it means they took notice, so to the negative 'commenter', I want to say thanks for visiting my blog and reading it.

This comes on the heels of a crazy day that began with gum on the shoe in the mall parking lot, and ended with this.  My poor Pilot:

After carrying my car home over my shoulder (because Honda never gave me the special key tool needed to unlock my lug nut). I am throwing salt over my shoulder and moving on.  

Safety Tip- look at the lug nuts on your cars' wheels.  If one looks like this 
that means it requires a special key tool to remove it.  This type of locked lug nut keeps your wheels and tires from getting stolen, BUT also keeps you from being able to fix a flat tire.  MAKE SURE you have this key tool with you when driving.

Let your imagination rule today!
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