Friday, June 17, 2011

Want Ideas For Getting Parisian Style Into Your Home?

Paris is on the top of my list as the most romantic place I have ever been.  I left there with a new found love of Parisian style. I am not talking about French Country style, or the latest trends happening in Paris; I fell for the authentic Parisian feel incorporating Baroque and Rococo style (elaborate and ornamental design).  The kind of look you find at the Ritz in Paris.  Watch my TV segment on Ways to Get Parisian Style Into Your Home and I will share a very personal love story about myself, review photos of the Ritz, and how you can get this look in your own home inexpensively.  

Here is a DIY project I explain in the segment:
Bring in the opulence you would see in an old chateau by adding a gilded effect.  Using gold metallic paint and a stencil (fleur de lis is a popular French symbol), create a gilded look on walls, trim work, and crown molding.  Add gold metallic paint to the carved in areas of woodwork and furniture.  CLICK HERE to see this video.
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