Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shoshana Speaks to Kutztown University Students Tomorrow

I just finished getting my hand outs ready for tomorrows' presentation at Kutztown University.  I am listening to Sugarland and drinking from my giant San Francisco mug that my friend Lori gave me when she left me in NYC to move to gorgeous CA six years ago.  She is back in Hoboken now so I lift my mug to you today Lori because I missed you!

I am excited to share my thoughts with the KU students on how to grow a career in the arts field.  As I was thinking about what to say I realized I am old because the world wide web was just taking off when I began, and now we are suction cupped to it which has had a huge impact on how we all do business.  I will be breaking out my new four inch creamy patent leather wedges for the occasion (although more chance of tripping)..........

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