Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2 Kids Bedrooms Get an Inexpensive Makeover: The Design Plan

As seen on my design segment this morning on WFMZ-TV 69 news (CLICK HERE to see the segment) I have big plans for a little girl who is about 4 and young man age almost 6.  Their bedrooms are getting re-designed in a very BIG way on a SMALL budget.  With a budget of less than $500 per room, I plan on making the most of LOL.

What does 'Laughing Out Loud' have to do with this???  Nothing! LOL stands for Layout, Operation and Lighting.   Before you spend a dime, create your Layout keeping in mind that this space will be used differently as your child grows.  Think about how the room will Operate for your child now and in a few years.  And where will overhead and task Lighting be, for today, and as they grow in the room?  Want to save tons of money and headaches down the road?   Know your LOL. 

Now comes the THEME-I am working with pint sized clients that have a definite idea of what they want in their room-princesses and cars of course.  If you are working on a bedroom redesign for your little one, you might get similar responses.  So when thinking about their theme, incorporate it using a conceptual approach, instead of literal.  In other words, translate their ideas through colors, shapes, and imaginative ways that won't keep you 'stuck' in Barbie World, or Tonka Truck Land.

Save money using your secret weapon-paint.  Create big impact with it on the walls and the ceiling; try a pattern or mural- you will have no need to spend money on any artwork.  Keep well made furniture pieces and simply change out knobs, or if handy, re-finish pieces using paint or spray paint.  My $500 budget will be going toward bookcases, lighting and window treatments.  Items that will be there for years to come.
Taking into consideration everything above, I created the 2 design plans:
The LOL needs to change but the furniture and bedding is in great shape so we will keep it.
With new LOL, we will use paint to create a dramatic theme up onto the ceiling creating a faux tray.  We will spend most of our budget on storage around the window, and add a dollar store DIY artwork idea above the bed.

DIY artwork preview (this is one cool easy project!!)

The LOL does not work but will keep the furniture and bedding. 

Using a grey palette, I will add my interpretation of 'the love of cars' with a zig zag pattern in yellow and white, and red accents, all the colors you would see on the road.  We will spend most of our budget on a large bookcase, window treatments and lighting.
I created the pattern using the paint colors on a canvas board to show my client.  
We both went 'oohhhhh!'

I can't wait to reveal the two bedrooms to you!!  I will include how to do a lot of it, costs, and how the kids reacted to their new cool rooms!


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