Monday, February 28, 2011

My Week On The Road

"The dog ate my homework" is my excuse for not blogging at all last week.  I love 'frying up some blog' but this week I was on the road so much that my bottom is numb.  So to get me back in the groove I thought this entry would be all about my week on the road, what I saw, what I laughed at, and what made my heart go 'boom boom'.  

The doggie in the  photo above is Moe.  His mommy and daddy, Jane and Al, are clients of mine and own a pretty popular tile store in Allentown called Creative Tile.  For some reason Moe loves to hang around me.  He followed me every where last week as I looked for bathroom tile, so I hired him as my assistant.  He is very cheap labor and has very good taste.

Next I went to the first of a number of window installations for my client Deena in Nazareth. Creating a design plan is just the beginning, the fun part begins when the 'pretty' stuff like the window treatments are ready to be installed.  This was a great first step with much more to come. 
We added a beauty of a swag held up by large knobs above the kitchen sink (there was so much light coming through that these pics are not very clear-sorry).  Hanging window treatments from a medallion knob in place of a curtain rod is a very unique look-I have been using them quite a bit. For this type of swag, it was amazing to see how the genius sewer created the swag to make sure it would lay correctly.  They are very heavy.  The swag is actually two pieces sewn together; She used special loops you can't see that could be loosened and tightened.  
Check out this fearless installer willing to go to great lengths to get the job done.  The team I work with take their work seriously, as do I , so with pom poms in hand, I cheered 'go team' then jumped into a split mid air -ouch!
It's the little details that can make a room feel designer, like upholstering the counter stools in the fabric you are using for the windows or a complimentary one.

I also started a few more projects, including one for Patricia in Easton.  She made my day by showing me some love with a big hug on my way out.  I was at her place so long she must have warmed up my coffee four times.  I look forward to sharing this project with you because it is a fun one.  Her atrium alone has 12' high and 30' wide windows. 

On my home I passed some horses and stopped to get a closer look at a colt I saw.

 Well that was no colt.  A donkey! Actually 2 donkeys! Then I read the sign (see below).
Perfect pet for Housewives on Bravo!
Next stop was presenting my design plan to Francine and Butch in Jim Thorpe.  This is a large reno for me with various contractors doing everything from the flooring to the ceiling.  My contractor Mike B (aka Mike B Right because I always tell him he better be right) and I hit the road for an hour drive through a mountain to get to Francine and Butch's home; I had coffee coming out my nose from all the humor on our trip.
This was part of my visual for the overall feel of the spaces.  I talked my clients through the plan as Mike B Right stuck his hands and head up into the drop down ceiling and walls.  I didn't get a hug from this client BUT Butch handed me a yellow rose on my way out.  It matched perfectly with my yellow Boho bag and yellow coat.  

I stopped by another clients home, Mike and Christine, in Saucon Valley, to check on the progress of their project and fell in love with Mike B Right's carpentry.  This fireplace looked like this before.  
Now it is smokin'!  I can't wait to share the project with you detailing the before and after.  There are many creative touches you will love!  And I adore Mike and Christine.  They are young and hip, and were up for a purple dining room!  We also designed their living room around a framed Hermes scarf!

I am also doing my seal claps because someone finally shared with me a pic using my trick of visualizing the length of a light over a counter top.  Thank you thank you for sharing this with me Jen!!!!!!!!!  I would love to share the AFTER so send me the photos!

Friday, I made a pit stop at Applebees to meet a possibly GREAT new employee for LYR.  Her name is Sara Jane and we get along like a match to a flame!  We met over drinks and she wasted no time coming up with great ideas and wrote them down.  I am a true believer in carrying a notepad with you at all times to jot down all your brilliant thoughts because our minds can only hold so much before they pop!

Lastly, I want to show you my 'yes, it is the weekend' dance!  Here goes.....wasn't that great!  I loved the back flip part.  Have a great day friends!!
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