How to Make a Striped Wall in Your Kitchen

When you think of your kitchen, does the word 'FUN' come to mind?  Probably not.  Well why not?  Try a wall treatment like this easy horizontal stripe and bring something special to the table!

This works especially well in small kitchens because it brings your eye in and people will notice the wall over the small size of the space.  This kitchen that I re-designed below was a tight space.

Kitchen looked like this:

Here is how we added the stripes----
ONE measure the wall length and height;
TWO choose paint colors.  For this wall I used Sherwin William "Analytical Gray", "Nebulous White", "Pool House" and "Cityscape";
THREE plan out on paper like this:
FOUR Paint the wall using the lightest color first, then using painter's masking tape, tape off the other stripes per your design (tip: on the painters tape, above each stripe, write the name of that stripe color to stay organized).

Now one side of this kitchen makes the meals and the other side enjoys them in style!
                    left side                                                                      right side