Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Its time to share my 2010 list of Fave-O-Fave Décor Finds and Design Ideas!  

If you missed me today on WFMZ-TV's 69 News at Sunrise at 8:40 am, below is 'THE' list.  TO WATCH THE SEGMENT CLICK HERE  (when watching the segment, if you want to view the video larger, there is a little button in the bottom right corner).  We had so much fun!!!

My list is made up of design ideas and decor products that have had an effect on me this year. Some are simply creative ideas that I use time and time again, and some are the hottest trends that I am diggin'.

So sit back and enjoy my personal 'fave-o-faves'!

"Hello blue-eyed red head!"
Traditional wingback chairs given a modern kick of color and design. This is one of my fave-o-fave chair designs I created for a client.  The traditional wingback chair becomes an original statement with this playful bold modern tribal fabric.  You have to see this fabric close up to truly appreciate it because the colors are rich and there are details that make me smile.

"Gotta have it!"
Knock knock..Whose there? Who cares, it’s the knocker that I came to see!!  I have been on the lookout for a door knocker since I painted my door red in the fall.  I finally found it!  Pottery Barns Aviary Door Knocker is a new item that won’t last long.  I was told by PB that they have just a few left.  BUT will get 360 more mid January then the item will be gone for good.  Birds are the hottest décor theme of 2010 yet this classic piece will always be in style.

"A classic cozy look."
What is better than wrapping yourself in faux mink with a classic black and white houndstooth check pattern? I adore this SONOMA life + style® Houndstooth Sherpa Micromink Throw Blanket at Kohls.

This bench is feisty- "Sit bench sit!"

If you follow my blog you know what a find this was!  I picked it up at Big Lots months ago for $169 and it is my top fave-o-fave pieces of furniture.  It has all the bells and whistles that I love-a bit of animal print, nail heads, turned leg, and on casters.

"Life is better with bling options."

I love having everything at my fingertips in my closet.  This hanging jewelry box from Kohls does just that.  Measuring 14 1/2" x 20" it is large enough to hold enough jewelry options to be placed on my list.  And if it is in your closet, instead of placing photos in the front, insert cut-outs from magazines of outfit looks you like, or words of wisdom.  It comes in black-brown or white.  ONE PROBLEM-I couldn't find it on Kohls website so I think it is a special item you have to go the store for and I don't know how many they have left. The code on the box 727 10 16.

"This lamp had me at 'hello'"

My seashell lamps with its silver leaf body in a shell shape and black tuxedo drum shades are sexy and elegant.  I digg the feel of coastal style but in a more sophisticated way with mixes of wood, wicker, silver and warm lighting.  Beach style doesn't have to be casual.  Make it shine! (I don't believe you can get this lamp any longer, but if looking for this high end style, consider a tall lamp (30") that has a metallic finish and adding silver shell accents along side it, or go with a capiz lamp).  

"Go big or go home." 

Big, bold and bad fabric rocks my world!  These fabrics make me so happy.  I have been using them to cover windows, furniture, pillows and framing them!!  Get a big bang for your buck using fabric as art; frame it or wrap it around a giant canvas.  It has wonderful texture that flat paper doesn’t and since it comes by the yard, you have size options.

"Burlap is having a moment."

I have gone soft for upholstered headboards.  They look luxurious and soften a bed in a bedroom full of wood dressers, armoires, and end tables.  I have also joined the burlap train everyone is jumping on. Fabric that has the look of a potato sac is a huge trend- but not a new one.  It has been big in the fashion industry for a few years.  Remember Lauren Bush’s Feed bag  Now a days this look with a large print pattern can be seen everywhere in home decor.  This one is from Fabrics by Allan in Allentown.  I love it because it looks worn, like it has a history.  It is very Shabby Chic and Parisian Flea Market style.  I also like the throw pillows ON THIS WEBSITE.

 "The Outside-In wreath."

I was so wowed by my client Sue’s idea of hanging her wreath on her door inside her home, that I just had to copy it and share it with everyone!  It’s genius because now you can enjoy it all the time.  This wreath the Smith & Hawken Cranberry Wreath

"This tote is genius!"
This is the best gift I ever gave myself.  I can't say enough about this tote.  It is so handy, easy to organize, has lots of room, has a drawer, and a magnetic turntable so I can safely set it down and spin it!!  It is the mother of all craft travel totes! It is meant to hold crafts (and a very crafty person obviously made it) but I use it to hold my design tools including hammer, nails, measuring tape, etc. I purchased it at Tuesday Morning but because their merchandise comes and go, I found variations of it on-line thru different sites-just click here

"Check out her curves."
Inspired by the hotels we have stayed at and by my husband's constant begging, I bought a curved shower rod.  Fave-O-fave!!  It makes the normally cramped shower feel larger.  I love mine.  I recommend using a light waffle woven shower curtain with it so you get the total spa affect. This rod is from Moen.

 "Check the kitchen dept. for bathroom hand towels."
 A fave-o-fave of mine are fun and colorful hand towels. I picked up  this cute towel at Tuesday Morning.  Psst....look in the kitchen department of the store for more selection!

"Come stay at hotel My House-we will pamper you!"
I love free stuff!  That definitely includes complimentary travel size soaps at hotels. And house guests will love them too when you bring them home and put them out for your guests to pamper themselves with during their next visit.   Then they just toss it.  In the photo above I used a silver tray from Target and some coral I have collected on vacations in Aruba for that personal touch.  I also love including a small shiny candy dish of mints in my powder room.  Make sure your mints are individually wrapped.  A friend of mine in Hoboken keeps all sorts of travel size stuff in her powder room.  You could find everything from tooth picks to a razor!

"Wrap up your table in fun, shiny colors!"
1. Black tablecloths show off everything on the table. Start with this midnight color stain resistant micro-fiber tablecloth by Apt. 9® from Kohls for a luxe feel.  I dig its geometric shapes and modern feel.

2. Add drama and surprise with a table runner made of one roll of wrapping paper.  It is available in so many patterns, colors, textures, is inexpensive and you can get your hands on it any where.  For large rolls, simply fold it in half width wise and roll it out!  After dinner, toss it.

"Express your inner diva through your table setting."

3. Add these shiny place mats in place of chargers. This silver Apt. Apt. 9® Reversible Vinyl Placemat from Kohls can be used in the most upscale settings and wipe down quicker than wrapping up leftovers!  And for a completely different look, flip them over for a jet black wet look that looks great against a colorful tablecloth.

4. Be a rebel and get out the good china for meals at home.   Frozen pizza night becomes a meal at a 4 star restaurant!

5. Table jewelry that sparkles and shine! These rhinestone napkin holders from Kohls (get them while they last) make even a McDonald’s napkin shine. My fave-o-fave!

You've been great 2010; can't wait to begin my new list in 2011!

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