Monday, November 15, 2010

Thanksgiving Memories & Hot Kitchen Stools

Three things I don't do - shop at Wal-Mart in my pajama bottoms, bedazzle my shoes, and have the ability to whip up an artistic edible meal on a wing and a prayer.  Yet I am home today cookin’ up a storm!!  I love food and I do make dinner most nights but when I am in the kitchen I am like an ape throwing it all together, then dancing on the island while it bubbles in the oven.

So why am I slaving over one recipe?  Because it is Elaine's Yam and Apple Casserole that I am so honored to make.  Elaine is my mother and we have been re-creating this sweet dish every Thanksgiving since I was a true brunette (and that was a long time ago my friends).  I am testing out a few variations so I get it right on Thanksgiving.

 For me Thanksgiving is a holiday that hands down, is my favorite because my mother rocked it every year.  Growing up on Long Island, she introduced my sister and I to the NYC Macy's Day parade, and simultaneously created the ultimate feast we all gathered for and enjoyed with our extended family (and anyone else because my Mom had an open arms policy).  My memories of Thanksgiving are leg warmers, the smell of my Dads turkey, and my Mother humming to the jazz playing on the radio while cooking.  My task was always to make my Mom’s Yam and Apple Casserole because that was my favorite, and to set the table which I loved doing.  It was an all day affair ending with watching my sister scientifically pull apart her slice of the Mrs. Smiths custard pumpkin pie (per my sister, only this particular pie will do) crust, then pound the pumpkin part down with a fork before gobbling it up.  There was a lot of sitting around, laughing, and, as usual, watching my Mom fiddle with her coffee cup as she sweetly hung onto every word we would say.

Three years and four months ago my Mom passed away from cancer.  
(My Mom holding my daughter right after she was born)
My Mom and I were really close.  Losing this incredibly remarkable woman in my life, who was my biggest fan, conspirator of fun, and, favorite person hands down, still hurts.  And I find myself pondering daily life, asking an invisible person how my jeans look, humming out of no where, and enjoying coffee suddenly-something I never liked before.  And when I make Elaine's Yam and Apple Casserole, those glorious Turkey Day memories with her come flooding back.  So let me tell you what is so amazing about this casserole....It is filled with ingredients that make me happy....sweet potatoes, apples, brown sugar, and marshmallows!  Thanks for letting me share a little about me.                      Happy Thanksgiving!!

Let's Talk Turkey about Hot Kitchen Stools

Make room for more family in style using one of these hot stools! Since Thanksgiving is all about gathering together, I made a little list of kitchen stools that would add some character and fun this holiday season. Some are on the high end and some are good buys.  Just click on the captions below the pictures to go to the product link.
For a more traditional look the curvy detail in the legs are lovely.
Start your engines!

Love the natural feel with woven rattan seat.
A sleek style that looks comfy.
This modern square back will make a big statement in this yummy hydra blue colored leather.
Add a bit of animal! 
This stool has that modern appeal we are seeing a lot of.
Like sitting in a little egg.

I definitely have a 'thing' for this blue color.
Hi Mickey Mouse!
And for those of you who have an upholstered stool already but looking to give it a new life, re-upholster the seat.  Now you may think this would be a big job so to prove how easy it is check out Transforming Home blog who shows you her step by step process.

Remember to catch my news segment this Wednesday on WFMZ-TV's 69 News at Sunrise at 8:40 am.  I will answering two viewer questions and sharing a DIY dresser project I recently completed.
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