Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fresh Fabric Color Palettes I Am Using

I can't believe another week has gone by; I am a hot mess in three inch red pumps. I just walked in from my last presentation for the week and as I unhook my coffee IV I realize I meant to blog about something, anything, since Monday, but way too fast it turned into Saturday! Now I have whip flash and a need to share a tiny bit about the projects I am working on that have kept me busy.  So below are the color palettes I put together for each client because, well, I love 'em and maybe you will too! 

 Blue and tweed with touches of pink for a fresh, young and fun family room.
 Dramatic copper and large print wallpaper for an elegant and definitely eye catching dining room!
 Tailored hues of yellow, green and rich soft chocolate is a good choice for a grown up family room.
Tribal print and ice blue for a bold glam dining room!
(took the wing back chair you see above and covered it in the red and orange vine print to the left)
Rust orange, cappuccino browns and patterns for a family room with a kick!
Cool gray blues and bright white tiles on the wall and flat river rock under your feet create a calming master bath.

I accomplished a lot this week.  I also had some good finds along the way......

Tuesday I purchased this fabulously large necklace from Kohls for under $9.  I never realized they had a fun selection of jewels.

Wednesday I fell head over heels for these funky pillows from Target......goes great with my necklace!!
Thursday I had 2 epiphanies: 
1. After going through Dunkin Donuts drive thru two times I said "Shosh, just get the larger size coffee-you know you will miss it when it is all gone."
2. At midnight, after finishing off a box of cereal and still salivating, I decided I am no longer allowed to watch Just Desserts, Chopped or Iron Chef while working late.

Friday I  re-arranged a bookcase for a client:
I did nothing except re-arrange their sentimental collection of photos and books.  Took just a few hours of moving things around, adding a few decor items from around the house, and now the shelves tells a story of where this family has been and what they are about.  

Have a great Monday everyone!!!!
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