Friday, October 22, 2010

Dior, Decor Questions & My Dads Disbelief

Friday!! Friday!! Hows your Friday!  Mine is so much better now that I have breathed in John Galliano's fall-winter line for Christian Dior.  I am blown away by the bright color, beauty and light weight feel of his line.  And I have fever for his new shoes!  

I am not working this weekend (well, not seeing any clients at least).  I am going to sleep late, have breakfast in bed, and then be told I won the lottery and that Dior wants to donate their 2011 line of shoes to my closet (size 6 please)-:)  Check out more of from the Dior runway by clicking here. 

So you know that monthly segment I do on WFMZ ch 69 News at Sunrise?  I forgot to tell you last week that through WFMZ I will be giving advice on any home decorating/design questions during my future segments.  So if you have a question, please email it to, along with any photos, and who knows, I may use your question on air.  I am excited about this and I think I will blog about the people I answer to share the results because lets face it, someone else out there is or will be going through the same dilemma.  

Also I am writing a new blog entry that will show you how I recently turned that room in the house that never gets used-the living room- into a classic warm library.  I am always blabbing on and on about re-using a space traditionally meant for something that doesn't fit your lifestyle and re-designing it into a room that does.  

Wow, this week has been jam packed for me with late into the night appointments. Last nite I was on my way home at 10 pm, pitch dark on the highway, and barely missed a van that had hit a deer and spun around into the guard rail, then I barely missed the deer they hit-it really shook me up.  

So Dad, who still tells how surprised he was that I passed my drivers' test on the first try-take it back man!!!!

Decadently Yours,
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