Monday, September 13, 2010

Have You Heard of A Virtual Designer?

With the rise in home and garden television shows, the popularity of internet shopping, and a budget conscious society, homeowners are more knowledgeable with home decorating and design options.  Although dressing a space may still be overwhelming, for some, a push in the right direction is all that is needed.  This has changed the traditional way interior designers/decorators work with clients.  There are more ‘a la carte’ services, making it more affordable for anyone to use a professional.  One 'a la carte' trend on the rise is to hire a professional virtually to pull a room or multiple rooms together.  I call this a Virtual Designer.

So how does a Virtual Designer work?  This service is mainly done on-line.  Through e-mails and phone calls,  a unique design plan is created that sticks to the budget set by the client, and can include paint colors, space planning, and a list of products that can be purchased on-line or locally.  This gives homeowners a ‘map’ to a finished space that they can work on within their own time frame.  Below are two examples I have done working on a tight budget:

Of course traditional face to face client-designer/decorator meetings are more personal and room planning is more thorough, but for the more confident homeowner or renter, this is a great option.  People now have access to hire designers from any where and dwellers of all income levels now have a way to get a designer space.  Tip-make sure you hire an experienced professional who you can reach by phone to clarify questions.  
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