Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Preview Your Frame Design Down An Aisle

I am sitting at my desk, putting the finishing touches on a home design project I am presenting to a client in Easton this Monday.  I am very excited because there are so many rooms involved and I am diggin' the design and how they flow well together.  I can't wait to share it with you after they review it.  I am also working with another client in Lansdale, helping her add design features and decor pieces to a few rooms in her home.  I am having a bit too much fun with the details.  

I found myself at Target looking at frames for her home.  I want to do a photo gallery that will fit on a very long wall.  I started grabbing frames and placing them in front of me, arranging them, adding more, and more, until I had just about the entire aisle filled with black and white frames.  This is a great way to preview what your frames will look like, and how much space they will take up.  Try this the next time you want to do a gallery of frames. Take a photo of the finished arrangement in the store, then when you get home, just check out your snapshot to remember what it looked like!
Like me, I am sure you will get a lot of head turning and smirks from people passing by your aisle.  But as one Target employee said to me after asking if I needed help 'as long as you are buying them, you can take up two aisles.'   One last tip, don't try this during the store's busy hours or people will be tip toeing over your collage.   

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