Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One Day Spa Bedroom Makeover

One year ago I drove out to Easton PA to meet with Sheryl who was very sad about the current state of her bedroom.  She had nothing but a wrought iron bed.  We sat on her bedroom floor and talked room color, bedding, window treatments, accessories, lighting and adding architectural interest to her walls.  She wanted a spa like space that was bright, calm, and airy.  After choosing the rooms color palette I figured out that Sheryl was a very visual person I looked at her and said “let’s just go out now to some local stores and I can show you exactly what products will completely change your space.”  We hit the road and had success.  She didn't buy anything but seemed inspired to start on her room.  So I waved good bye and drove away.

A year later Sheryl called upon me once again to help with a kitchen renovation.  When I arrived she took me by the hand, up the stairs and smiled from ear to ear as she opened her bedroom door.  It was EXACTLY the vision we wanted a year ago!  Using the products we had looked at a year ago she pulled it off beautifully! It is simple, classic and tranquil.  And best of all Shery is very happy with it.  It meant a lot for me to see it because I do a lot of consults, giving ideas for spaces, then I leave, and sometimes, I never know if my design came to fruition.  I don’t have the ‘BEFORES’ but here are the ‘AFTERS’:
The spa like feeling comes through by painting the walls AND ceiling a greeny blue like the color of the Mediterranean Sea.  It completely covers you and calms you. Everything else in the room is natural and airy, including the woven roman shades and sandy golden drapes.  And the simple creamy yellow bedding looks and feels soft, casual and cozy. The mix of lamps brings in more light and color.

I suggested wainscotting the wall behind the bed and paint it white so the black wrought iron bed would really show through beautifully.  We took it 3/4 way up for more visual effect.  Sheryl's husband did a great job!

The nightstands we chose are not traditional nightstands but work great for Sheryl because they are high for easy access and since she didn't need storage, add to the airy feel by not boxing the bed in.  A chair is always key and the contemporary high legs and simple lines and fabric on this one keep the space open.

The black furniture pieces coordinate with the finish on the bed and the cluster of framed art pair beautifully with it.  Size was very important to give this wall substance all the way to the ceiling, and balance the opposite wall with the bed.

I am so very proud of Sheryl for adding this piece!  She used her own jewelry as art on her wall.  I talk about doing this all the time!  Why hide such beautiful pieces.  

Thank you Sheryl for sharing your fabulous space with me!  I can't wait to come back and see your kitchen (this time I took BEFORE shots).

p.s. - I knew you would love that granite store!
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