Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Weekend at Rehoboth Beach

"This is the life" I said as I walked the boardwalk at Bethany DE last weekend.  The sun was shining, there was fun to be had everywhere, and I had a drink the size of 2 large chihuahuas.  My dear friends Mel & Marc, and Jen & Geoff invited my family to their Rehoboth beach house for some R&R.  When you are lucky enough to be tight with friends who happen to build a place minutes from the beach, you never pass on the opportunity to go.  

I have been slowly assisting them in bringing together a cozy beachy-chic home that was recently built for the purpose of having fun with lots and lots of friends.  Needless to say, we purchased a bunch of pull out sofas, bunk beds, and large tables.  For me, a beach home is not overstated, not stuffy, and easy to take care of.  It is all about the view, about friends and family, and should feel serene.  Here are a few of my favorite things so far that we have done. 

Like life, it is a work in progress! 
Bring simple punch of color to the lower back porch.

Add a lot of seating to the best room in the house so 
everyone can enjoy the sunrise with eggs and a cup o' joe.
A little cozy spot to curl up with a game or glass of wine.  
We customized the chair upholstery in a sand dollar pattern-ahhh.

Added a dining table for the kitchen that seats 12 with a long bench for all the kids to pile on.  The back striped wall will be a great backdrop for the decor going on it!  And yes I know, the chandelier needs a facelift.  

Tip-a beach house table should be well crafted with that old farmers tabletop look because when it gets beat up, you won't be the wiser. The chairs are from a different manufacturer but the white finish on the table legs and the chairs brings it all together.

This is one of the bedrooms. White and blue shout 'beach house', and these southing tones, along with the natural window covering, pillows and accents, keep the space calm.
But the kids bathroom bring in the mouth watering fun and colorful emotion..a truly happy place.

That was just a sneak peek; a tickle if you will.  When we get time to dig into the new homes' overall design, I will blog again!
(this is some of the DE gang-we are a content bunch of shoveling fools).

Don't expect any pictures soon though because when you can do this all day, how do you find the time to decorate?
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