Saturday, July 31, 2010

Its All About The Details

Hi from the road! I have my Honda Pilot back today and feel like a bully heading on 78E toward Easton….rrrrrrrrrr.   By the way, Mike (phenomenal carpenter), I was not a half hour late for our meeting, and yes, I am extremely hurt (ouch says my heart)  that you made fun of my seal clapping; yes, I do seal clap and do the robot when I get excited over incorporating architectural detail, doesn’t everyone?? 

Back on the road after a shot of something from a little coffee place off 22, I am headed to Tuesday Morning to get last minute details for a client.  I had luck picking up a 4’ canvas art piece for under $90 and a spectacular mirror that I may keep.  I had to arm wrestle a great grandma of sixteen over it-it was worth it.  

My tip when shopping for those details that finish off a room- think about color and volume.  That’s right, go big or go home.  Size does make a difference and so does color.  Its the funky table accent that visitors will gravitate toward; its the art piece that explodes with cranberry and lime that make a space fun.  Go for a bright yellow, orange, or green.  

Here is a mirror, lamp set and vase I put together to go on a buffet table for a dining room painted grey blue.  The mirror is oversized and artistically designed.  The lamps are clear yet, the black shades create the drama, and the vase is that bold color detail that brings it all together.

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