Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Library and a Foyer Get Transformed

I remember when this Library was a kids playroom.  When I first walked into this space the walls were bare and there were toys scattered about.  This home has a large finished basement so my clients gathered up all the toys and wanted a new use for the room.  We transformed it into a contemporary hollywood glam loungy library perfect for a glass of wine with friends or a good book.  Its warm rustic orange walls become the perfect backdrop for the deep rich woods in the large artwork, bookcases, and leather chairs.  Silvers, blues and green sparkle as tables, pillows, chandelier and accents.  To keep the room intimate and dramatic we added chocolate drapes.   

Next we turned our attention to the dining room.  I hope to have a photo for you soon.  

Lastly we worked on the foyer.  This was a simple one hour re-do.  We brought in a large mirror and re-used a bench.  The bench's cushion was a plain white fabric.  Instead of spending money to re-upholster it we wrapped a table runner with black circles around it.  It added a fun detail.  Pop some color using more throw pillows and  bold small accents and you create visual interest.  

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