Monday, April 12, 2010

Surround Me With Black Leather, Miles Davis & Button Tufting

Imagine dining in luxury with walls wrapped in glossy black leather, drapes that glisten like millions of tiny silver stones, and of course an elaborate silver mirror and  tons of shiny mercury glass.  Your round pedestal table is a rich dark mahogany and feels very intimate as you sit elegantly in a sexy concave backed creamy white leather chair.  The lighting is dim, striking, and romantic.  All you need to finish off the room is the blues sounds of Miles Davis' Blue in Green playing seductively in the background, a very dirty martini in your hand, and James Dean staring at you from across the table (with his 'I will die without you' pained expression) .  

That was my vision for my clients, Debi and Marcel, who hired me to bring Hollywood Regency Design to their newly built home in Harrisburg.  This luxe look is very popular, but with a bit more modern twist, and it is not just for the rich and famous!  For my clients, I brought in things that looked rich, lush, and posh.  So of course their dining room walls are black leather-well not really black leather, but a shiny textured lacquered-like pinstripe wallpaper that is hot!  

I also took the Hollywood Regency Design to their living room......

This is a small glimpse at my plan, using button tufting and  nail heads on everything, mirrored tables, velvet and silky fabrics.  I am refinishing their existing furniture in black and white high gloss lacquer and upholstry that dazzle.  There are chrome lamps, and shapely accent pieces, a mix of glitz and glamour, surrounded by souring blue gray walls. I can't wait to show you the finished spaces!!!!!

'Hey James, where's my martini!'

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