Friday, February 5, 2010

Update Your Candle Wall Sconce

The candle wall sconce.  Everyone has at least one.  The quickest accent you can nail into your wall, light up, and get instant romantic ambiance.  Raise your hand if you have one of these.  Now raise your hand if your candles are dustier than the tops of your kitchen cabinets.  Although your sconce is a nice accent, it is time to update it.  Try spraying it a bold color, try replacing the candle with something else.  Here are some simple ideas:

-In a kids space, prop up a small stuffed animal;
-In a kitchen, use fake or real fruit;
-In bathroom, use decorative sea grass ball;
-For holiday sparkle, use an ornament, and hang more from it;
-Flowers work well also!

For this family, I used a plump artificial succulent.

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