Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bringing Fire and Ice to a Library

Fire and ice is oh so nice!  Above is a large serving of ice, for a home that is hot! I have been working with a fun mother of two, helping her put the final touches on rooms in her home.  We combined very warm colors with very cool ones, to create the glitz and glamour that is all the rage these days.  Our fire color is rustic orange, and our ice colors are pale blues, crisp whites, polished silver and lime greens.  Such a great combination! Below is a room we just completed.  We re-designated and re-designed the kids' toy room into a very hip library by painting the walls my fave Sherwin Williams' Spicy Hue color and using the cool accents above. We re-purposed some of her furniture and added new pieces with very fun and comfy appeal, including a chic chandelier that really sparkles at night. 

The final touches included hanging her framed family photographs because every home library needs to be filled with memories............
If you follow this blog, you know how I hang art by now: create a pattern on the floor, trace the frames, number them and the frames themselves, then, using painters tape, place the traced paper on the wall to where you want them, and, nail them in!

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