Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thinking Between Appointments

I am sipping my coffee at a Panera chain, between my last client's home and my next appointment.  It has been a day of traveling for me.  Maybe its all the Regina Spektor I have been listening to, or the season, but I am thinking about time and how fast it is pushing me into tomorrow.  Maybe it's the thirties; Ever since entering this new set of numbers I don't sit around looking forward to something that is over six months away, because so much can happen between now and then.  Earmarks of time are no longer signified by birthdays, but by events that have changed me.  And what I want, who I am, is evolving every day.  My empathy has grown, my self-consciousness has shrunk, and I want to put myself out there, and I want to be surrounded by people that put their feelings, passions, opinions, out there.  Time is but a word, because as soon as you say it, you lost one second; I have to run to my next appointment, as a chill runs down my spine, and a lump mounts in my throat, and yeah, I have listening to Regina Spektor too much.  Go out there and jump into whatever you have been putting off!
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