Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Living Room Is Used For What??

A kitchen is used for cooking, a bedroom is used for sleeping, a bathroom is used for...well you get the picture.  Every room in your home has a purpose except.....the living room.  I mean who actually lives in a 'living' room?   Most times it is used as a good spot for that sofa you have been holding onto, a dust collector for the knick knacks, and the perfect place for that once a year propped up christmas tree.  Other than that it is dead space.  So it's time to re-think it. 

If you could add another room to your home, what would it be used for?  An office space, a library, a game room, a wine room, a bar, or a gift wrapping, scrapbooking, label making, fix it, cut it, hot glue it, space (you know who you are!).  By adding closed doors, french doors, or long drapes, you can conceal a kids play space, or guest room, when it is a mess. 

I have turned a living room into a Library/Game room for a family of four in Breinigsville, adding wall to wall built ins and a bench to hold board games, a painted pedastool table and all the little things, not to forget re-thinking the lighting (see the progress above. I owe you the finished reveal). 

Right now I am working with an amazing couple in Allentown, turning their living room into a Library Lounge by installing a gas fireplace, two double bookcases, new flooring, and a large deep chocolate upholstered leather sofa.  When finished it will be a comfortable soft lit room perfect for a pre-dinner or late night drink.  See above for the colors and finishes in the works.  I will post the finished look, along with the library in Breinigsville (just as soon as I get a minute). :)
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