Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Eeping Over Interior Decorating Article

Last week was full of lovely surprises for me!

1. The Morning Call article I contributed to hit the news stands Sunday and I was thrilled with the content! Lots of good information for home owners looking to decorate on a budget, or to sell their home. To my surprise, it included, not only one of my clients rooms, but me as well. Check out the article http://www.loveyourroom.com/morning_call_interior_decorating_article.cfm.

2. I also celebrated another birthday. Yee haa. They tend to come around too quickly if you ask me, but was a good time anyway. I met up with some friends and enjoyed a good meal. Thanks Rhonda, Fay and Rachel!

3. I began working on three new spaces in Lehighton, Center Valley and Macungie. I am excited and 'eeping' over the possibilities.

4. I learned new vocabulary and furtune telling sayings: when you 'Eep' it means you are happy. (thanks for that one Haunani), and I learned that 'as long as you get a good parking spot you will have very good shopping!' Colleen, you and I proved it on our very successful decor shopping trip.

"I eeep over that purple sofa with the lime green skirt!"
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