Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Modern Basement Office Makeover

I would like to share with you an office re-design I just completed. I had so much fun turning this basement office into one that is now fresh, modern, sleek and works over time. I have included a rundown of the changes made so you can try any of them yourself.


1. Choose A Desk That is HOT
Large bulky traditional desks are so yesterday. There is a new wave of desk options that take up less space. They are called Laptop Desks but can be used with a CPU as well. The desk above in this room is a brand new line by Riverside. It feels weightless. I love the clean lines and the way it is illuminated with the chrome oval pulls.
2. Tangy Modish Color Palette
To keep with the industrial theme the color pallet is kept neutral (Ancient Marble by Sherwin Williams)with a jolt of a tangy green (Shawgreen by Sherwin Williams) on one wall.
3. Choose A Few Large Bold Art Pieces

We added just a few choice art pieces based on my clients love of old heating/cooling units and modern design.

4. Break Up the Room Into Zones
I split this room into three zones: a computer/writing area, conference area, and storage and electrical device area. I didn’t waste any space.

5. Include Lighting That Works For Each Zone
There are recessed ceiling lights, an adjustable desk lamp, movable track lighting for built-in, and stand up lamp for conference table.
6. New Flooring
We found a rug that was very wearable, yet still felt good under foot because it is a home office. We chose a golden toned color with a slight design to feel warm and give it depth.
7. Turn Your Closet Into More Work Space
We turned a useless closet into a built-in that included floor cabinets, a counter side wall shelves for books.
8. Creative Window Treatment For Small Window
This was the only window in the office. Rather than covering it up and losing the light, or trying to figure out how to make it look larger, I worked with it the way it was. My modern solution was to use it as natural lighting to illuminate sculpted bottles.

9. Add Drama To The Ceiling
We switched out the old tiles in the drop down ceiling with funky bold ones ( has a great selection).

Decadently Yours,

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