Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Hot Look for 2009

This photo above taken from is a perfect example of today’s fresh and fab décor look. It is chic without being stuffy. It is a place that is peaceful and I love it. It encompasses all the trends we are seeing: serene wall colors with bold elements illuminating through like these moss green sheers. The furniture is built to be comfortable, upholstered with less fussy fabrics without the overstuffed pillow look. The track arm, that skinny little contemporary thing you push your elbow into, is seen as more attractive than the big fat oversized roll arm. And my fave fave fave element in the room are the oversized lamps. Since my motto has always been ‘go big or go home’ you can imagine how happy I feel to see this.

Speaking of BIG, I want to marry this amazing Minka Kovacs Arc Floor Lamp you see to the right. The photo shows how it looks in a room (I copied it from a Family Circle article called 'A Lofty Ideal: Creating a Stylish, Eco-Friendly Home'. You can see it at It is stainless steel, marble and GEORGOUS!! It is overwhelmingly large. It is pricey but makes a huge statement. I have seen it often in designer publications. I am waiting for it to ask me out. Call me Minka!!

A few months ago I presented a design plan with these elements, including the Arc lamp, to the sweetest couple who have impeccable contemporary taste. This pair fell in love with a 100 year old home that has a lot of history and needed a LOT of work. They are rolling up their sleeves and creating their dream home. And thoughtfully documenting it all. I hope to share the end result with you when they finish. It will give you another example of this fresh and fab look we are seeing more and more of. Brian, I am talking about you my friend.
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