Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fun & Funky Wall Decals

My #1 designer tip: Go Big Or Go Home! When I dress the walls of a room, I look for big and bold artwork or a bunch of smaller bold pieces that I can group together. A fabulously dressed wall beckons your guests to 'come in and look at me!'. This can get expensive. A good alternative is wall decals which have come a long way from corny quotes and a million tiny vinyl butterflies. I really dig the over sized abstract decals. It is a simple way to create a focal point for under $50. For a dramatic dining room paint the walls a rusty orange or a red and use an over sized tree shadow in black; or to create a soothing airy feeling guest room, paint it a turquoise and add a Dandelion blowing in the wind in white. Check out for a huge assortment of decals like this. They also have cute chalkboard ones for kid spaces. is another great place to get inspired.

-decadently yours, Shoshana

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