Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Fever to Decorate!

Poor Amy Winehouse. She started her re-decorating project with good intentions. Her inspiration were her lips. So she knew the walls would be painted pink. But when she hit the paint store she became overwhelmed with all the choices. This is a photo of Amy leaving the paint store. Behind her is a car full of sample paint cans filled with every shade of pink the store carried. Check out her eyes. Amy, blink!! Or call me, I’ll be right over.

Seriously, with the start of spring, I too am re-visiting my home projects from last fall. My house is screaming at me for a new paint color and new flooring. I have put away my winter coat and boots and I am thinking about the fresh makeover my home deserves. Everyone is. We have come out of hibernation, had a good stretch, and now we are scratching ourselves wondering what to do about ‘in progress’ projects; projects that include new wall color, window treatments, furniture pieces, and everything else that causes heads to spin around and eyes to pop out from all the choices out there.

I know. I get the loveliest people call me up for help with all sorts of decorating needs, from simply choosing paint color to re-designing a room. If this sounds like you, take a deep breathe, and remember ‘you are re-designing your room to improve your well being – to create a space that inspires you and sets a mood.’ Don’t stress over it-enjoy it! Repeat that quote and read my quick TIPS:

-Do not to rush yourself. Everything cost money and the wrong decision can be expensive.
-Do not let yourself get pushed into anything.
-Don't take on too much - stick to one room at a time and keep a list of what you want to change so you stay focused.
-Know what you want by looking through magazines and keeping a folder of the pages you like.
-It also helps to choose one stain, one finish and two accent colors. Stick with them if you are unsure of your decorating decisions.
-carry your folder around with you. make sure it has any measurements you need. keep a measuring tape with you also. it is very helpful.

Happy spring!

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