Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Simply Sentimental Or I LOVE IT

If someone handed you the Mona Lisa would you hang it up in your living room? Of course you would!!.....with flashing arrows around it. Everyone knows that piece of work and it is worth $$$$$$$$$$$$. Of course you show it off…….. but would you truly love looking at it everyday? Or maybe a $50 framed poster of a bright yellow lemon is more inspiring for you. Who cares what it is or what it cost.

Every home should tell a story about the people that live in it. Their loves, talents, and interests. What does yours say about you? I am talking about the rooms flowing from one to the other through color, texture, style. I am talking about adding personal touches including photos, artwork, and special mementos. Spending time in rooms that include items you cherish and truly enjoy. Years ago I read a Feng Shui article that stuck with me. It included a story about a very large painted portrait of a family member that had been handed down generation to generation. The great great great cousin that now housed this special and large artwork, placed it right over the fireplace mantel in her living room. No one really stepped into the room for fifteen years. Fifteen years! Until a Feng Shui expert came in, recommended taking the portrait down and placing it somewhere else or giving it to another family member who would enjoy it more. Once the artwork was replaced with something the owner enjoyed, the room was used once more. The moral of the story is 'don't place anything in your room that doesn't make you happy.' Priceless information :)

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