Sunday, March 29, 2009

Your Guest Room-A Memorable Over Night Stay

Heidi and Spencer are staying the night at your place and have sent over a list of their usual requests - a king size massage bed and a roll of quarters, blue M&Ms and purple tootsie pops, two million plus count Egyptian cotton sheets in pink, a tanning bed, a 10’x10’ closet for their over night ‘necessities’, a night light, curling iron, tweezers and an eyelash curler for Spencer, 3 bottles of hair spray for Heidi, a full length mirror with a spot light, …and a sleeping bag along with some cheese whiz and crackers for the camera man that follows them around.

Although I kid around about the homecoming king and queen coming over (they are far too busy getting media attention for, well, being themselves)I am wondering how far out of your way you go when you have guests staying the night at your home.

After writing my blog article below titled ‘Elegant And Easy Headboard’ I started remembering the times that I was an overnight guest in someones home. I can recall guest rooms that allowed me to get a good night sleep, and guest rooms that left me tossing and turning only to wake up with a stiff back. A very memorable overnight stay was at a friend’s apartment in Hoboken, New Jersey back in the 1990’s. She had the teeny tiniest apartment and no guest room; I slept in a pull out bed in the living room. BUT she made sure I had a good stay. The sheets were a high-count cotton and she had extra pillows and towels at the end of the bed. There was a place to put my overnight bag and she presented me with a sweet basket full of essential overnight goodies like a tooth brush, toothpaste, wash cloth, and other things that came in handy.

And in the morning I woke up to coffee brewing and bagels. I was so impressed with her hospitality.

When you have a guest stay over night, in the morning do you ask if he or she had a good sleep? Or do you not care. To me, if you are expecting guests who will stay the night, you should not only think about cleaning up for them and preparing yummy food for them- you should care about their sleep. It doesn’t take a lot of work; just some simple planning that makes all the difference. Maybe I should have titled this article ‘Guest Room Etiquette’ because here is my list of guest room necessities so your over night guests have a very relaxing stay:

1. Check your mattress to see if it is comfortable. Try sleeping on it one night. If it is too firm, try fitting it with a mattress pad.
2. Use soft 100% cotton sheets on the bed.
3. Keep a blanket at the end of the bed in case the comforter or duvet is not warm enough.
4. Have extra pillows available that are firmer or softer than the ones on the guest bed. They will appreciate the choice.

5. Place an ottoman, chair or suitcase rack nearby for your guests overnight bag.

6. If you have a closet in the room, leave some hanging space and a few hangers.

7. Have a travel size toothbrush and toothpaste, a wash cloth, floss, lotion, aspirin, band-aids, tweezers, a bar of soap and a brush on a nice tray or in a basket in the guest room, or in your guest bathroom (you can pick these up at discount stores in advance).

8. Neatly fold large towels and present them to your guests at bedtime so they know they are fresh.

9. Have at least one bedside table with a lamp and alarm clock.

10. Have a variety of shampoos and conditioners in the guest bathroom.

11. ALWAYS have extra toilet paper that is easily accessible in the bathroom.

You can also leave a note for your guests telling them how happy you are that they are here. You can place it in an envelope on the bed with some chocolates. I have been known to leave a framed note in my guest room with funny house rules (my sense of humor is too risqué to give you an example). I also try to include a photo of my guests that I may have kept in another room or that hasn’t been out at all.

Two final tips, always tell your guests where things are located before they retire to bed, and ask if they need anything. And remember to ask if they had a good night sleep in the morning. It is the little details that will make your guests remember their night at your home and smile. Your thoughtfulness will make your guests feel so very special.
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